May 14, 2005

dance into the fire

So I went to Moncton for a split second.. sorry I didn’t get to see everyone.. it was quite an adventure (also quite expensive). Here’s the story.

My plan was to take the bus to Toronto at 6:30pm .. not knowing the bus actually leaves for Toronto at 6:30am .. the clerk at the bus station was nice enough to call VIA and see what they had leaving. I took the next train at 6:45pm or something like that.. luckily, the train station isn’t too far from the bus station .. cab ride was something like 6 bucks. Get to Toronto around 9:00pm, start looking for a place to stay.. the Royal York is RIGHT THERE .. naa, there’s got to be some other place (at this point I’m starving). I checked out the Renaissance .. but the game was almost over, so I went back to the Royal York and stayed there. Ate at the Armadillo Texas Grill .. good burger, good beer. Wake up at 7:00am, take the shuttle to Pearson International. Flight at 10:20am, land in Moncton at 1:20pm. Chill at the parents place for an hour then go out for a beer with Al at Doc’s, which turns into supper at Sport’s Rock. Then it’s off to the bachelor party.. pick up Chris, head to Sussex, find the place no problem.. have a few drinks.. 11:30pm, time to head home. The car breaks down on the Trans-Canada 20 minutes away from the party. Get lift back to the party, end up going home at 3:00am. Wake up at 7:00am .. book a flight to Toronto from Halifax.. leave Halifax at 9:50am or something.. get into Toronto around 11:00am or something. Take the train to Kingston at 3:00pm or something.. then get home around 7:00pm. Whew. Total time travelling > total time in Moncton. It was fun though.. I really like travelling.

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