June 5, 2005

lets go make a picture on the island of Stromboli

The Eagles are so much cooler than I thought. Here’s why: This conclusion only works if you’ve seen Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy AND you like the twangy instrument called the banjo”. Remember when the Earth gets destroyed .. and the camera pans down to reveal the actual Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy? Remember the tune that pretty much starts the movie? It’s a song by The Eagles .. yes .. you can call them a country band .. but for some reason they released this crazy ass song called Journey of the Sorcerer on their One Of These Nights album. Get the song now, it’s really cool. Buy it off iTunes music store .. yeah. The tune off of the soundtrack is a little bit different .. it’s got more of a .. how do you say .. punch to it. The Eagles version seems to just stroll along.. but the movie version seems to have a place to go .. it just moves along faster. .. though it’s a short version of the actual song.

SO what have I been up to? mmmm morse code.. lots and lots of morse code. wow.. amazing how much morse code I’ve been doing .. I can’t really put it into words .. well.. maybe I can .. 7:30-15:30, 5 days a week. I bought head phones today .. so I can copy morse” better. You see.. I do what’s called copying morse code” which means listening to morse code at ridiculously high speeds and typing it out in Notepad. It’s a very complicated procedure pfft”. I’ll be doing this for 5 months .. been doing it for about a month now and I’m at the brink of insanity. Have you ever been to the brink of insanity? A short description is: hearing patterns of short and long tones in every day life and interpreting them as demons trying to tell you to do bad things.”

This good ole entry has been brought to you by Jack Daniels, a proud sponsor of greener’s sanity since .. Al introduced me to the Jack and Coke ages ago at Doc’s .. back in The Coude”. Expect more of them .. Jack does so much more than beer; therefore, greener will be drinking more of it (we’re allowed storing alcohol in the shacks”).

Hey, ya think I can type a little more here .. to compensate for the lack of updates? .. yeah I probably can .. currently listening to That’s me Trying on Shatner’s album. I like the whole album.. thank you Ryan. Congrats to Lyne and this Phil person on their new apt. Congrats Nic and Teri-Lee for getting married. Congrats Ned and Moe on getting the house”. ouuuhh.. New Kids on the Block. That reminds me of last weekend, I went to the Grizz (it’s basically a cougar bar), they played Step by Step.. I knew all the words and the young ladies were very impressed. I ended up talking to a french teacher from Mississauga named Brooke. Wouldn’t it be funny if she’d try to look herself up on google and stumble on this site? hah. I also bought an iron today .. what else have I bought since I’m in Kingston .. high gain antennas for my Linksys router, a summer sleeping bag (which I sleep in every night .. it’s what you do in the shacks), a binary watch (yeah.. it tells time in binary), t-shirts .. that’s about it.

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