March 26, 2005

Borden Ontario

So I graduated, that was a fun day. Parents came up for that. Now I’m in Borden Ontario waiting for my course to start. It’s like purgatory.. a big void. I have no idea when my course starts meaning I have no idea how long I’ll be here. Borden itself is barren, Barrie is close by, a small metropolis. Barrie isn’t walking distance, so I bought a car. 2005 Echo hatchback .. it’s blue.

That’s the news.. what’s new with you?

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4 days in the field left Last week I was in Farnham .. shot my C7, slept in a tent, used Coleman stoves and lanterns, reminded me alot of camping when I was in Scouts.
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scratch that .. Kingston Ontario After living in Borden for 5 days, I got sent on course in Kingston .. thank tha maker.. Borden sucks, Kingston rocks! I’m going to like it