March 13, 2005

4 days in the field left

Last week I was in Farnham .. shot my C7, slept in a tent, used Coleman stoves and lanterns, reminded me alot of camping when I was in Scouts. I’ve got 4 more days of that .. then I graduate in 1.5 weeks. Excitement is mounting! I’m still not sure if I’ll be able to go home for Easter.. I have to wait until I present myself to my next unit and ask there. On ouaira. I’m pissed that I still haven’t seen the ROTS full trailer yet.. dammit.

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almost there 4 more weeks to graduation We recieved our C-7 rifles .. what fun! Parents are coming down for the weekend, staying at the Queen Elizabeth in
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Borden Ontario So I graduated, that was a fun day. Parents came up for that. Now I’m in Borden Ontario waiting for my course to start. It’s like purgatory.. a big