April 7, 2004

blog stalker

Sooo, 17 posts in 7 days, that’s a daily average of 2.428 posts per day .. multiplied be the remaining days in the month, 23, that’s 55.8, or 56 posts, plus the 17 .. 73. I need to post more! One more and I tie last month. Went for supper with parents at Mooser’s pub, they’re leaving for Punta Cana tomorrow.. mom says she’ll think of me when she’s on the beach .. enjoying the sun .. ya, great.

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What’s it gonna be Merv? Just got back from Sounds Fantastic, Nic, Brad and I watched Matrix Revolutions on the projector with a kick ass sound system. The touch screen
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mellifluously Soo ya, Paramount, I didn’t really get kicked out. It was closing time, and the bartender had a few friends over, I imagine they were going to have