May 23, 2003

backup, we need backup

I finally got around to MANUALLY adding some of my previous entries, I’ve got about 100 left to go. That means I feel better posting in here again; I didn’t like posting here because I knew it wasn’t complete.. it was missing content and it was full of gaps. It’s still missing content, from February 2002 - April 2000.


I’m moved into my new apt. only one person has visited me since I moved. I heard the buzzer for the first time yesterday. I’ve got 4.5 shifts of workload left, that’s 6 days 4 hours 56 minutes, give or take a few minutes.

I saw The Matrix: Reloaded 6 times so far, I give it 5 stars, 2 thumbs up, the grand prize, 10 out of 10 with cherries on top.

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4 days w00t, The Matrix: Reloaded opens in 4 days, though there is a show at 22:00 on Thursday, I won’t be able to attend, working. I’m going to start
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happy 300th entry 3 years, 300 entries, never thought I’d get here. There’s a car alarm going off outside, it’s been blaring for 5 minutes now, and no one has claimed