June 18, 2005

am I gonna be someone who has to take the rest of my life to settle down

What a great time. Love it.. I remember back in the day listening to the live Sloan album in Al’s basement.. we’d listen to it at least once a week .. all the songs have been imprinted in my mind .. now imagine going to a concert and hearing all these songs kinda like for the first time.. but not, since you know them all .. wow. What a great stage presence .. just rocking out.. inciting you, teasing you. Then they switch it up, they can all play each others instruments .. wow. I have an infinite amount more of respect for them now that I’ve seen them live.

I get my car today! Parents are visiting from back home, bringing the Trans-Canadamobile to K-town. I’m gonna be free! Wow, imagine, being able to go anywhere you want anytime you want .. something I haven’t experienced since January.

This update brought to you by Jack Daniels, the only thing that keeps the author sober and loose enough to type.

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