March 27, 2003

aimer, souffrir, pardonner, oublier

p>Good morning folks, welcome to my neglected blog. Since I can’t sleep, I decided I’d spend some time typing in here. Goin’ to Woodstock tomorrow to party with Ned, Yves is down for a couple of weeks and he’ll also be there.. we’re going to party like it’s 1998! Can’t wait to get back on Saturday though.

How about that war eh?

I shovelled my drive way 2 days ago with some help, my car can now park in front my door. Roz and I hacked away at a huge icy bulge in the middle of the driveway for half an hour.. then we shoveled out a section of a drift.. it’s great to park there again.. there’s still a fair amount of ice there.. like a mini mount Carleton, but the car can go over it as easily as a penguin can traverse a sand dune. (I invented that last one, does it make sense? I don’t think it does, but it’s a nice contrast)

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trying not to watch CNN Damn war started, CNN is all over it.. it’s sad. I haven’t updated in a while, sorry about that, I’ve been busy :) I need to get dressed and
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happy birthday Doogus Back to work tonight/morning, yeehaw. At least now I have my m515, I’ll be able to read Harry Potter! I have a feeling I’ll be very very sleepy by