April 29, 2004

53 ouch

So I’m at .. umm .. 9 now. the list still isn’t even complete, I’m writing posts as I’m finding stuff to put on the list. 9 down, 44 to go .. geez that sounds painful. What have I gotten myself into! Thing is.. I do have ALL DAY to post 44 entries .. I’d like to finish a big chunk tonight so I can wake up, do stuff and post about it .. then I’ll be done. Ohhh.. forgot I had chips in the drawer, I’m going to eat those as I try to think of more things to put on the list.

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da da da Yup, I’m still alive. I said I’d enjoy my weekend, and I did. Spur the moment I decided to go up to Freddy and Woodstock to hang out with “Flur” and
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damn commie bastards They want total control of their code, nothing open so that people can go in and fix all the bugs their stupid engineers have written cough buffer