April 3, 2000

You’re a vegatable I had

You’re a vegatable” I had no idea THAT was in a Micheal Jackson song. That’s what I’m listening to now, an old song called Wanna be Starting Something off of Thriller. I remember listening to that album days on end in the mid eighties. Specially this song.. a specific memory I have is when we had our old trailer, we were camping near a beach, and I had these Micheal Jackson books, everytime I’d see them I’d start singing in my head Mama se mama sa mamamacousa” (it’s at the end of the song). Brings back memories. I used to be a Micheal Jackson fan. Ahhh.. finally got it off my chest :) I ate more for supper, like I said I would. Hamburg, potatoes, corn and gravy.. mmmm. .. I like using double dots” and quotations” (and sometimes even partheses). And now for something completely different. Pi

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I knew it’d be a great idea putting this Daily thing on Yahoo!.. I can update it anywhere! I’m in a lab right now, here at goodole NBCC Moncton. I
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Hi Crimestoppers! Hi Steve! It’s a Steve Martin routine. So I woke up about 1 hour ago, and I’m here, home. I’m taking the day off to catch up on