October 11, 2002

You’ll never guess what just

You’ll never guess what just happened.. nope, not that…… not that either…… okay, I’ll tell you since you’re way off. I was reading my reallly really early posts, like April 2000 to cheer me up.. ya, I’m in a bad mood.. or was in a bad mood, I won’t talk about it here, it’s not the place… but… back to what just happened.. I was scrolling up to read April 7th and there was a picture of Neo in The Matrix.. just as the full picture is displayed, my iPod randomly selects Spybreak by the Propellerheads.. what’s the significance? (to Matrix fans: I have to explain it to the people who don’t understand the significance) It’s the song that plays in the lobby fight scene… ahhhh.. the lobby fight scene.. just so happens the the picture of Neo is him in the lobby during the lobby fight scene.. you can see how cool that would have been.. just to scroll up.. and the song starts… no? oh well I tried.. I’m gonna keep reading till I pass out.. should be fun, I might be back later.

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