March 26, 2001

Yo, sup? I’m back. A

Yo, sup? I’m back. A few changes though. No more primary visual cortex stimulation of the day, check my main page for that. Since Lynie put a link up, I wouldn’t want to bore her visitors, so I’m starting again. I find I have time.. kinda.. and a new computer :) (the iBook if you’ve been reading). I’m still here, sitting in college, typing away in geocities instead of doing HTML (the course). Actually.. theoretically (I love that word) I AM doing HTML, just not the assigned assignments.. . ha! I just got when the word assignments comes from.. they assign.. .. oh you knew that? well.. pffft fine! Remi is down and we’re filming a movie, the details are top secret so I can’t tell you anything.

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HO HO HO.. I’m trying to decide whether I should start speaking in here again, I got an email from someone who liked the page.. a total stranger
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I’ve found a new home for ma barin.. it has a bit more ads, but at lease it doesn’t have a pop up thing.. That’s something I didn’t like about