April 30, 2000

Wow.. tonight’s X-Files…. . ..

Wow.. tonight’s X-Files…. . .. I Am Canadian commercial WOOHOO!!! ok.. sorry, X-Files, very cool. Damn Tampax commercial, quilted, not quilted. Very good episode. The pretzels I’m eating are also very good. One entry per day for one month, I amazed myself. This episode is gold! A bigger flashlight.. lol!!! Whoa.. wtf is this?.. that was not a usual X-Files ending.



I saw one of these Saturday

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Hey everyone! I’m drunk! And loving it! This is going to be very hard to type without actually making any mistakes. So, I’m listening to Groove is
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Another month, another 30+1 days, Another month, another 30 1 days, I hope. I missed Who Wants to be a Millionaire’s celebrity show. Damn! Hey, I just noticed Jadzia Dax from DS9 is