September 30, 2000

Wow, this is a treat,

Wow, this is a treat, two updates in the same day.. haven’t done that in awhile. I’m waiting for calls now.. it’s nice.. I haven’t seen it this dead since… 3 weeks ago. Of course.. it is 1:17 in the morning in Ont./Que. I think I’m going to move Ma Brain to NBNet.. I don’t know why.. just because. I’ll probally put a automatic redirecting link thingy, or something. I’m so thirsty, I have a nice half full cup of warm Coke waiting at the appartment. mmmm warm Coke. My shift ends in 40 minutes. My Dad is supposed to by me an iBook if I pass all my courses at Christmas. Would be nice. When I get back, I’m going to take a picture of something, and put it up here. I’m also going to resize the picture on September 18th, it doesn’t fit. It’s set at 640 by 480.. but the frame size is only 622.. so it stretches it. Is that how you spell streach.. I don’t know how to spell sthreth. I need a dikttionarie.

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