April 10, 2000

Words describing my state of

Words describing my state of mind right now.

temporary, provisional, transient, fluid, unstable, contingent, depending on, conditional, unpredictable, unforeseeable, expected, aoristic, indeterminate, undefined, undetermined, unclassified, random, orderless, indecisive, undecided, vacillating, open, in suspense, in question, under inquiry, open to question, questionable, moot, arguable, debatable, disputable, controvertible, controversial, suspicious, improbable, problematical, hypothetical, speculative, suppositional, undefinable, borderline, gray-area, marginal, ambiguous, equivocal, paradoxical, illogical, oracular, enigmatic, cryptic, obscure, puzzling, vague, hazy, misty, cloudy, fuzzy, shadowy, mysterious, veiled, occult, unsolved, unresolved, unexplained, unintelligible, perplexing, bewildering, embarrassing, confusing, complex

Oh nevermind.. its gone.

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WOOHOO!! That was fun.. we just had a freak hail/snow storm with 100 Km/h winds. I went for a walk outside. (me being the extreme weather
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Exactly 8:30, not actually, not anymore. I woke up at 2:10 this morning, got water and checked to see if anyone was online. Someone was! Then I went