November 16, 2002

Woohoo! First snow storm.. I

Woohoo! First snow storm.. I hope. Forecast calls for 20-30 cms, and I’m off, so I’ll probally go out and have a stroll in the snow. I haven’t been up to much these days, nothing different. Went to see Jimmy Swift Band and Grand Theft Bus with Al on Saturday, I think I went out Wednesday and Thursday too. Not sure. I bought Sopranos season 3, Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring Special Edition and Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones, only thing left to watch is Sopranos.

Lady I just feel like I won’t catch you out of my mind I feel love for the first time and I know that is true I can turn by the look in your eyes

I’m going to start work on a back ground for my site, be back when I’m done.

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Aiight.. I’m updating. Lots to talk about.. but nothing personal..Went to Navigators with Pat and Jack from work, good times..yesterday I went to
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Yup, that’ll do for now.. There’s still stuff I have to fix, like the Ma Brain logo, need to get tht transparent. There’s also problems on the