July 21, 2003

Wilfred still rules!

I went to the Star Académie concert last night with a friend. What a show, I’ve never seen so many people in the coliseum. They played most of the songs from the album (didn’t play Amène toi chez nous). They did play some of my favorites like Dust in the Wind, Summer Nights, 1990 and .. get this .. Wilfred sang Réveil with Jean-François Breau, THAT was cool! All in all it was a very exciting night.

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Star Academie C’est righty funny, j’m’ai recorder entrain de siffler des chansons de Star Académie.. wow.. sois que je suck, ou que’j’rock.. une couple de parties
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wow, a post! At this ver moment I’m updating my site by using the links text based web browser because my lap top is in the shop. Last night I went out with Al,