April 15, 2000

What an action packed night.

What an action packed night. Went to the mall today, I think I want to buy a digital camera, and a DVD player.. and I want to own property on the moon. It’s Un-cover on Much.. kick ass.. they play songs covered by other artists. Very cool. The world is being invaded by Mouseketters. Britney Spears, 2 guys in n’Sync, Kerri Russell. We need to increase our defences. Planet Britney is on!! Woohoo!! Sorry.

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Happy birthday Remi, happy birthday Remi, happy birthday, happy birthday, happy brithday Remi. Just doesn’t sound the same.. when typing it on a
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Hehe,, see that.. 22:22.. cool. So I just got back from work. Fun day, Candace and I played hacky sack in box office for most of the day. even while