March 31, 2000

What a great day to

What a great day to start an online periodical. I spend to much time in front of my computer, so I’m deciding to follow in a good friend’s footsteps and actually maybe use that time to do some creative” writing. There are vegatble inventions on Science and Technology week on CNN. The world is comming to an end! No, I’m joking, don’t believe me. I just saw the tail end of the new Nintendo 64 ad, you know, the one with the barbarians and the guy with his girlfriend shopping for bathing suits. Very funny. If you haven’t seen it, you’ll know what I’m talking about when you do.. duh.. of course you will. I’m making a new mix cassette, I call it J’s on .. something” it’s a spin-off from Ned’s mix cassette Ned’s on crack. I’m putting very wierd stuff on it, like: SClub 7, Spice Girls, Micheal Jackson.. to name a few. It will be my 7th mix cassette. I was thinking of that today, when/if I get kids, mix cassettes’ll be great to show them what I listened to when I was young-er. Kind of like a time capsule. I hate American Pie sung by Madonna, thought I’d mention it since it’s on Much now. yuk. YESSS!!! SClub Party on YTV!!!! hehe.. sorry.. SCluuuuuub, ain’t no party like an SClub partay aaaaaa ohhhh”.. ok ..sorry again.. woo! Jo is my favorite. :) I consider myself a very decent guy, I’ve always been able to figure myself out, but I have no idea why I like teen music. Hoochie mama, show your nanas” I love that! hah!

Steve Martin kicks ass! He is one wild and crazy guy!”

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back from work I just got back from work! Yes!.. I was alone in box. Not fun, I served almost every single person who saw a movie today a Crystal Palace Cinemas,