October 20, 2002

What a boring day, I

What a boring day, I didn’t do squat and loved it. I woke up at 14:00 and watched National Lampoon’s Van Wilder (that’s why I wasn’t online), a very funny film, if you like that kind of humor. It has one of the grossest scenes I’ve ever seen in a movie. I then ate some of my mother’s wonderful leftover Thanksgiving dinner. Then I watched Joe Somebody, another great movie with Tim Allen. During a short period where I was channel surfing, I decided I’d watch the chronological version of Memento.. but not without snacks. I had a few in mind, Chunky Monkey ice cream and Harvest Cheddar Sun Chips.. I found the Sun Chips, but not the ice cream. I did however find chocolate milk.. nummy. It was a great drive and I learned a lot.. I learned the Sunday operating hours of every grocery store in Moncton. So now I’m going to watch Boomtown, a new show that’s apparently good, then Memento.

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Done watching Momento backwards.. loved it.. I also found a special feature. Anatomy of a scene’s special on Momento, I learned alot there.. I want
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I went from 384MB of RAM to 128MB this morning. Now my computer is dead slow. But that’s okay, I’ll last until the 512 chip comes in. My RAM went