March 17, 2004

vanilla brass

I’m finally recuperated. Al actually had to fill me in on details over lunch today, I don’t think I was ever that drunk. I was prettyyy prettyyy prettyyy prettyyyy pretty, prettyy pretty drunk.

I really need to do groceries, I’ve got a list and everything. I said it before, I need to get the car checked .. still haven’t done that.

Curb Your Enthusiasm concluded it’s 4th season, it actually ended on a high note, I wasn’t expecting that.

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zero pour le matin que chu entrain de vivre Gary didn’t coax me into anything, I brought it upon myself. 3 pitchers.. can you confirm that Gary? What a fun night though. Rik wasn’t there, so
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4th day in a row It’s also the most entries I’ve had in one month since February 2003, yay for me. Next month is April .. duh .. it also happens to be this