March 9, 2003


Starting the morning of the 11th, I’m on vacation.. til April. I’ve never taken a vacation before, should be interesting. I’ll be going to college, so it’s not 100% vacation.. but compared to work, college is going to be peanuts.

Still laptopless. Hoping to get some news today.

Got my m515 back.

Finished watching Cosmos (btw, I bought Cosmos) .. it’s the closest thing I can call a bible. I’ll be buying and reading ALL of Carl Sagan’s books. To give you an idea.. or a glimps of why I love Carl Sagan.. here’s a quote.. not from Cosmos mind you. A celibate clergy is an especially good idea, because it tends to suppress any hereditary propensity toward fanaticism.”

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sans chemise, sans pantalons-lon-lon-lon Hey.. se’t’entry icitte va etre entierly en chiac.. a cause? just because… e’j feel comme. So.. Nic m’enwaille in n’email pour me’d’me’demander si
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in naute Encore in naute entry un chiac. J’acheter le last album de Bois Joli!! J’l’écoute over and over.. on appèlera ca d’la home work.. but ça fait