January 13, 2003

V8 rocks!

p>So I’m sitting there right.. and I’m really thirsty, but my usual water bottle with the letters inked in red marker spelling Greener” is no where to be found. So then it hits me, like most things do at 6:00, I have 2 cans of V8 in the fridge. Cold V8 is wonderful. It’s like drinking solid food. You feel your stomach is full when you drink V8. I love V8.

I have my iBook here at work.. but it’s not connected to the net. I wish it was. I hate using windows. My neck hurts.. not quite sure why.. and I think I have an ear infection. Every time I have a burb/spasm, my left ear pains me. I’ll let it go a few days and if it’s still bad, I’ll get it checked.

I’m done both cans, but I’m still thirsty. I’m going to go fill the cans with water. I just thought of something interesting, they have bottle water.. why don’t they have canned water? I’m sure there must be a perfectly good explanation. That’ll give me something to do, after I fill my cans with water. Wow.. is it ever weird drinking water out of a can.. if you’ve never tried it.. do. And now the search begins for canned water. OMG


Canned water, who would have thunk it. I stand corrected. I’d love to have a case full of that stuff! Rejean doesn’t like V8. The water in the can mixed in a bit with the V8, so it’s V8 tasting water.. or diluted V8, mmmm diluted V8.

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