April 29, 2004

twenty effen four

I hope Doc’s door is open tomorrow. I’m heading there as soon as I wake up. Beer, outside. I am sooooo wearing shorts tomorrow! Pfft better than Doc’s” .. Moe .. nothing is better than Doc’s .. naaating! Too bad I’ll be sleeping most of the day, I won’t be able to take full advantage, but tits okay, I prefer the evening, when it goes from warm to cool. Ohhh.. maybe the hockey game will be on the big screen! Who wants to go!! Oh wait.. most of the people who read this are not in Moncton, and the ones who are in town most likely have better things to do. Oh well, I’ll go downtown alone, again. Sigh.

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Think I can? I wonder if I can still pull off that 86 .. I’d have to post 50some entries today .. I think it’s possible. I promise not to cheat, like
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yes he is He’s gone, face it. (5 words, 4 if you count “he’s” as one)