April 2, 2004

torrents kick ass

I started downloading The Screen Savers off of suprnova.org.. the only show I missed from when I had a dish. That rhymed. Leo Laport is no longer a host, Kevin Rose replaced” him. Speaking of Kevin Rose, check out _thebroken.organization, funny stuff, episode 3 has a great interview with Kevin Mitnick. Season 2 of Clone Wars started, awesome stuff.. watch that if you’re a Star Wars fan. I’m downloading episode 4 of Wonderfalls, can’t wait to see it!! Sorry Gary for kinda spoiling Survivor.. I kept you in mind when I was posting.. but ultimately, I couldn’t keep my big spoiling mouth shut. Now that Troy is gone from The Apprentice, I’m not sure it’s worth watching.. I like Nick.. but I liked Troy better. I watched episode 5 of Kingdom Hospital .. I have no idea why I keep downloading it.. it’s awful, but I need to know if it’s going to get any better!

Working this weekend, this will be my last weekend working… WOOHOO! I’ll still have to come in once in a while on a Sunday.. and sometimes stay till 8:30 on a Saturday morning. But that won’t happen nearly as often than it used to.

Wow look at all that underlining!

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rotflmao Damn that was a good episode! Wonderfalls is now my favorite show. They better not cancel it. I brought my camera at work, there’s alot of
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wow, what a terrific audience I’d like to go to the 9th and take a picture of up there.. but it’s poring outside. I got myself some BK and more Bawls. While I was out, cops