December 20, 2002

this is going well

Damn nag screens are back. I shouldn’t complain.. I shouldn’t even talk about it. Currently listening to Voulez Vous.. ABBA.. sweeet. Offer still stands for anyone who would like to post on my blog.. enough with the blog.. I’m pretty sure anyone reading this is annoyed by all the fuss I’ve been making with the redesign.. I know.. it’s so insignificant it’s not even funny. But it entertained me, and I had fun with the whole technical part of it.

You know what.. I think this calls for a celebration… I’m going to crack open a beer. Tsssst .. clink clink.. damn. Friday night and nothing to do. I’m working at 7:30 tomorrow, perhaps it’s for the best. I’m on the day shift again, ouff, way too early for me. Time flew by between 7:30 and 12:30.. that’s one good perk about the shift.

Paragraph break for no reason.. ahh remember those? I’m going to have a new years resolution this year.. some fans” might be glad to hear it, I’m going to try and post everyday in 2003. Quite a challenge.. we’ll see how I do. I’m also looking forward to making multi spanning entries with numbered parts like everyone else. Ahhhhh… America.. Simon and Garfunkel.. sigh.. .. sip.

I got a haircut today. I’m all ready for les fêtes”. I just discoved accents on my keyboard.. for those of you in OS X, and using English as your keyboard layout, open up Keycaps in Applications/Utilities .. now press option” and see the white highlited keys.. if you press those with option” then a letter, you get the proper accent.. kîck ãss.

Last Saturday I went to Wal-Mart to buy Shampoo, a toothbrush and double-sided tape. When I got to the checkout counters I said fùck dät” .. lines were WAY too long. Well.. I got the toothbrush today.. at Wal-Mart.. line wasn’t that long. I found a big bottle of shampoo in my cupboard.. so I didn’t need to buy any. It’s really cheap shampoo.. bulk Costco type.. (yes, costco, I know you’re not suprised Lyne) it does the job.

no an den!

no an den!

no an den!

okay.. that was so you know what the an den means.. if you still didn’t get it see: Dude Where’s My Car. Not quite sure what to do with this section. It’s stuff that doesn’t appear on the index page right away, you have to click it. Hmmm.. I could put quotes and stuff so that they don’t over stretch the index page.. or if the entry is really long, I could cut part of it and put it in here.. oh the possibilities.

I’ll also be looking into putting a search bar somewhere so you’ll be able to search for all my previous posts. That could be interesting.

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