December 20, 2003

this is entitled Monique

So.. Monique and I decided to drink tonight (mention goes to Denis, her boyfriend, and Ryan, Denis’ friend, since they were there) .. Monique said the only reason she reads my site is because I (used to) mention her. So.. this post is all Monique.

Like.. when we went to VooDoo meeting Lyne and Jeanot.. then quite by accident, we meet Colin.. yay.. I wasn’t in the greatest of moods, but I started drinking (because of Monique) and eventually I was in a mood enough to go dancing, like club dancing, like bump and grind dancing .. yeah.. das right Ned. I remember one drink from that night.. the uppercut. Orange juice and .. something else that was good and that you put into an alabama slammer.

And that other time we went walking in THE (70cms) snow storm, Monique met me at my door all drenched in snow, we walked in search of a movie to watch. We were on the corner of King and Main and we met an interesting fellow who told us the Rogers was closed, he suggest some convenience store on St George.. we get there and we’ve seen all the movies (I’ve seen all the movies, anyway). So Monique buys a Claude’s Poutine can and gets gipped thru interac (yes, it’s possible, ask Monique). We eat that.. great cooking btw :) And Monique starts dipping in the wine..

(edited for content)

..then I hid the spray bottle and continued cleaning the carpent of wine. Once I was sure that my personal safety was ensured, I finally kicked her ass at MKDD. Then left for home. Hihi.

Good times.. the only reason I don’t mention you is because not everyone wants to have every little detail posted on here, and subsequently on Google.. then the world. So, if you want.. I’ll start taking notes.. and post EVERY little detail, I’m not being sarcastic.. I WILL take notes :D. btw.. new Album du Peuple. Narapu!

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