May 11, 2000

this is becoming a

this is becoming a ritual. writing in bed. i find it easier here. i’m going to attempt to tell you all exactly what i did at work tonight. i got to crystal palace at around 17:35 with a bag of burger king food containing a large fry and a chicken sandwich, no cheese or bacon. i ate that and then put up the cinema checklists. i turned the lobby screen on. then i helped mitch with the deliveries. after that i selected posters i want and put them in a safe place. after that i did door. when people stopped comming in i put up all the new postrs we got: hollow man, rocky and bullwinkle, big mammas house, boys and girls and loser. then i went on break. came back from break, did checks, talked a bit to jeff. swept the main lobby. did door, saw stephanie. i shall contine tomorrow.

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Lab, yup, that’s where I am. Working at 6, usher. Party tomorrow, can’t wait. Lotsa people I know, I’ll probally feel uncomfortable with HER being
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