April 4, 2004

there, here, and everywhere

Lyne (doing clothing inventory. this could take hours) says: you haven’t updated in a while!!

greener.ca - paint, must paint, everything clean, yes, must, everything clean” says: I’m typing one up right now

Lyne–What Would Jesus Do (for a Klondike bar)? says: w00t

At work .. bored come usuel. Tomorow is Monday, Monday means Doc’s/Paramount night. Haha! my iPod is charged, I am ready to wrap print. If I don’t have music when wrapping, I go insane, I start twitching and stuff, it’s not pretty.



You think my pictures are too big? In kilobytes I mean? They’re uncompressed.. high quality, but on average 100k each. Does that bother anyone? I’m thinking no since broadband is fairly prevalent these days.

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wh04! I am such a geek PrimaryVisualCortexStimulationOfTheDay Sorry about the blurriness .. I was on the wrong setting .. I could set my watch back and take
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fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck I am soooo not impresed right now… Wonderfalls got cancelled… I’m am to the point of crying right now.. it’s so sad.. fucking studio executives…