October 8, 2002

The shareef don’t like it..

The shareef don’t like it.. I’m gonna do a good ole ma brain entry, one of those non-sensical ones, where I just talk and say what I’m eating or drinking (V8, that’s what I’m drinking, actually I’m not drinking it yet, the can is still closed, but I did have one earlier so it might still count). I love parenthese. The guy on TV looks like Wilfred Laurier, he rocks, he’s on the 5 dollar bill, Laurier that is. I wonder if Yo Yo Ma has a Yo Yo.. ever wonder? They just showed Leo LaPorts phone number on air, that’s not good, Leo is one of the hosts on The Screensavers (bet you didn’t know that was my favorite show). Some people out there are probally going to freeze fram the show off their TiVo and export the image to Photoshop and manipulate is so they can read the number, then call him and say how annoying he is. Again, not good. But I don’t care, I’m not Leo LaPort. Gonna open that can of V8 now… tssst ahhhhhhh…crap, I forgot to shake it. So now I have to remove the tab so my thumb can fit over the opening, make sure it create a good seal, and shake .. that wasn’t so bad. I decided to change the layout of the site.. it’s much simpler, I’m going to put a background eventually, as soon as I can create one.. I hope it looks cool, I have a few ideas. You know what I want to do now? Find out what song is in Rommel and download the MP3.. I’ll be back with an update.

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omg, I’m watching Blow Dry, great film, and there’s alot of people in it I like.. actor who plays Nate’s wife in Six Feet Under, Alan Rickman and
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