April 24, 2000

That picture is of a

That picture is of a car similar to the one we/I have in the garage (except it’s red). Our new car, it rocks, my parental units got it cleaned today, droooll.. it’s sooo nice. I get to drive it! Wooohooo!



So I just got back from work. I loved today, I was in such a good mood. Customers were laughing. I was giving the best customer service I’ve giving since.. ever! I think I’m going to drink orange juice. There.. mmmm. What was I typing, oh yeah! Work.. well, enough of work. I unpaused the song that was playing on my audio system… OZZYs No More Tears! Yeah! That song spins me right round!

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I’m still sick! It’s been 4 days now. COugh COugh. I think I’m going to listen to Brendan Furlotte now. Nevermind.. I pressed play, and Ozzy started
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See how I said I’d have a car tomorrow, that was false, since this is the same day, I’ll have the car today.. but then, just me explaining the fact