December 16, 2013

T.H.E. Wallet

Bought a new wallet. It’s huge, but so far I like it. Holds my passport, all my various ID (expats have a lot of ID) and then some. I liked the Pad and Quill but it really only holds 4 cards, I had 7 in there, that made it bulge and ended up (I think) taking off the oliophobic coating of the iPhone 5.

Combining my wallet with my phone seemed like a good idea at the time, but after months of use, I decided it wasn’t for me. I now have the comfort of knowing that I have everything I possibly need, including 3 frequent customer stamp cards from Proper Pasty that until now have always been at home at the most inconvenient time. (That time being when standing directly in front of the Proper Pasty on the High street.) My iPhone is in a casecrown case that @davidmarkrich donated so that my phone wasn’t exposed. Great case, I like having my slim phone back.


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