February 12, 2004

sur la grande cote elle est montee

Holy crap I’m messed up in my weekends.. I thought this was Monique weekend.. but duh.. it’s valentines day (yuk). 2 weeks.. that’s a long time to wait.

Friken valentine’s day. I don’t capitalize it, because I don’t like it one bit. I don’t even know if it needs to be capitalized, if it does.. then screw you valentine’s day!

Remi logged on MSN today, talked to him for a bit, it had been a while. Damn I’d like to go visit.

Well, now that I’m free Saturday, what to do what to do. I know there will be alcohol involved, to both celebrate AND .. um .. not celebrate.

I feel like going into one of those type just for the hell of it” kind of rants, like I used to do. There only one problem, I’m asking myself the same question I always ask in this situation: what to type? I could talk about the white B-691 Hi-Fi Sound Monitor speakers that are directly in front of me, but that’s not interesting, at all, nope. How about I talk about how there’s 202 jobs in the queue waiting to be printed.. I just need to wait for those E0B2Q jobs to finish so I can fianlly switch 9004 to bkhol and get rid of a big chunk of those jobs. Naaa.. again, not very interesting.. even for people who know what I’m talking about. Work talk is boring, and generally bad. I hate work talk, specially call center work talk. I had this one person who kept yelling at me and blah blah blah” I understand it’s necessary to let it all out so as to relieve stress and such, but please, don’t talk to me about it. I’ve had my fair share of calls from hell, I think I can honestly say I’ve heard it all. I’d rather not hear it again, it just brings back memories that I’ve subconciously selectively repressed. Hooo look at that queue go down .. sorry .. work talk.

I missed Friends, Survivor and The Apprentice tonight, I’ll start downloading them as soon as I get home, hopfully they’ll finish by the time I wake up. I watched American Idol on Friday and Monady I think.. I kinda got interested.. but I’m not downloading the ones I’m missing.. dunno why, I don’t care much I guess. I desperately need a haircut, and I need to get my car looked at, I think I’ll stay up today and take a nap this afternoon. I also need to do laundry, geez, so much to do.

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