July 10, 2003

Star Academie

C’est righty funny, j’m’ai recorder entrain de siffler des chansons de Star Académie.. wow.. sois que je suck, ou que’j’rock.. une couple de parties est right funny.. actually une partie est right funny.. no way que j’va poster ca icitte.. but depending on chisse que t’es.. ch’te laisserai ptête écouter..

Watched Grosse Point Blank with Ned, good flick.. Minnie did a great job hiding her accent. Listening to Smokin’ in the Boys Room grace à Corinne.

I discovered Jazz yesterday I think.. Susannah McCorkle’s Water’s of March.. kick ass.. if anyone out there has got jazz recommendations, please, don’t hesitate, let me know what you like..

I did something I wasn’t supposed to tonight.. I’m saying that just so that I remember it whenever I look back on it.

From the Long Beach Chronicles to the Wall Street Journal They all know the G with the Cutlass Coupe Ask Bill Gates (yeah I know the homie Snoop) Yeah I’m straight loc’n, hangin wit my folk and Follow Rakim cause I Ain’t No Joke” and Cause, I done seen so much (like what?)

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Happy Day After Canada Day Chumpy and I never got to St. Andrews, instead we went downtown, watched the fireworks, ate at Pump House, checked out the jam at Paramount Lounge
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Wilfred still rules! I went to the Star Académie concert last night with a friend. What a show, I’ve never seen so many people in the coliseum. They played most of the