February 5, 2003

sour cream & onion chips

She rocks.. her site/email/“whatever else SDF has to offer” is also hosted by .. SDF. Damn I mentioned it twice.

I have nothing else to talk about, so I’ll explain why my site was down.. SDF (Super Dimensional Fortress, from Macross) is a public access unix system” .. meaning, it’s a computer anyone can log into, create an account and host a site. SDF is actually 6 or 7 computers, all doing something different, they run NetBSD or something.. so these computers are in Seattle, in some room called a co-location. This room provides them with power, HVAC (Heating, ventilation, air conditioning) and power backup in case something happens. Well, the old provider.. the old co-location, kicked SDF out because allegedly SDF was being attacked by a DDoS (Distributed Denile of Service, basically, a cyber attack”). So to protect their customers, they kick out SDF and breach the contract. Leaving 20000 people without email, web and other stuff for 3 days. The admin, my hero and idol, found a new co-location to house us. Costs more, but at least it’s up and running. There are other details.. but I’ll leave them out because they’re pretty boring.. you can click here to know a bit more..

And now for something completely different.

Midget monkeys throwing Windex bottles after a green mailbox.

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finally!!! I’m back, SDF has found a new home. I can connect to it now, you will be able to soon, as soon as the domains get updated thru all the DNS servers,
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lasagna.. mmmm I made lasagna today.. It’s baking right now, I can hear the cheese sizzling and the smell of tomato sauce, cheese, ground beef and spices and