April 25, 2000

See how I said I’d

See how I said I’d have a car tomorrow, that was false, since this is the same day, I’ll have the car today.. but then, just me explaining the fact that I was wrong just made me sa y something else that is innacurate. I Won’t HAVE the car, I HAVE the car, present, it’s in the parking lot. Right.. that’s a picture of me. I took it today during Computer Repair. I’m ckra-sching my head!



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That picture is of a car similar to the one we/I have in the garage (except it’s red). Our new car, it rocks, my parental units got it cleaned
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Those Mr. Noodles sure were good, and the Pringles I had this afternoon were good too! Time for more orange juice. I like orange juice, it matches