April 6, 2000

Scrap that, someone else gave

Scrap that, someone else gave me the answers.. not that I couldn’t get them myself, just too lazy. Whatever.. here’s an excellent quote I found: There is a single light of science, and to brighten it anywhere is to brighten it everywhere.” - Isaac Asimov

I love it, got it here: quoteland.com. Now I’m bored. Got nothing to until 1. I think I’ll just sit here and type. Don’t got anthing else to do. (I’m aware of the grammar in the last sentence.) I’m still reading quotes. I’m not going to post them though.. Some people reading would totally flip-out because I usually don’t quote Robert Frost or Johann Christian Friedrich von Schiller (yeah right, as if I read anything from that last one). No mail, sad, dissapointing. Tomorrow is my first week anniversary with this daily thing”. I’m thinking of doing something special (said like the Church Lady). Woman Sues Nike Alleging Sneaker Made Her Fall ah hahahahahah! for 10 * 10^6 dollars! pfft. Ohhh.. the new full trailer for X-Men is out.. I’m getting it now, I’ll let you know what it’s like.. ooh.. and I can play it in full screen becasue I’m on a Pentium III.. ohh.. this should be good. Damn, I need to get Quicktime.. shouldn’t take long.. but it’ll take longer than what it would take me at home :).. sorry. Stupid download deamon. I hate those here is a program that’s supposed to help you download stuff off the net”. I think they’re useless. Ok.. Got Quicktime, here goes. Ok.. it’s loading.. very slowly. I can believe that.. the file size must be 50 MB. I have to wait till it’s done downloading, I wouldn’t want to ruin the suprise. I always do that. If I’m downloading a trailer or something from a site that is kind of slow, I’ll start watching it knowing it’ll cut in the middle. I have to stop doing that. Still not done, I just though of something.. since this is the first dy the trailer is out.. chances are all those huge X-Men fans are probally all at their computers downloading it. That means they’re bropally bringing the whole server down.. which would explain why my transfer rate is slow! Ahha! I need headphones, all the computers in the lab have sound cards but no speakers. (I’ve always wondered what it would sound like in a lab with 50 computers with sound cards and 50 horny young male adults watching porn on them during class) Almost half done. I think I’m going to put a picture a day.. it’ll call it.. the picture of that day! Yeah! Or something that matched the name of this daily thing”. If the text is from Ma Brain.. then.. a picture would be.. let me do a little reasearch.. I will call it..



Gotta go.. X-Men trailer is… A W S O M E.. Remi.. I bet you pissed in your pants.

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