April 11, 2004


Lyne and I had a rematch after our stalemate match 2 weeks ago. She won one round, and I won the next .. after I had much more to drink than she did, hihihi. What a great time, I love playing Trivial Pursuit with her because she’s the olnly person who can challenge me. If anyone reading this thinks they can beat me, please, let me know, I would love to kick your ass!



That’s a picture Lynie took while in a plane, she had that as her desktop picture on her (my old) iBook. Very cool picture.

Wow, by this time 4 years ago, I was up to 41 posts. That would explain alot.. I posted 40 posts is 10 days.. I have not matched that yet. If I am to beat my last records, I need to post WAY more.. the only poroblem is that I don’t have much to say.. I mean, I’m not the kind of person to talk just for the sake of talking.. so I better get involved in something interesting so that I can post about it. What’s interesting .. and worth posting about .. I need to get into some kind of relationship .. wouldn’t that be cool .. me getting into a relationship for the soul purpose of blogging about it.. and I wouldn’t tell this person .. it’d be 100% just for my blog’s content. Heheh.. so devious.. let’s see if I can pull it off.

Cab driver said there was an after hours bar open in Dieppe, close to the Pizza Delight .. I’m walking there right now, lets see if I can’t get some content for my site there .. mouhouhouhahahahaha!!! (I am now evil).

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