March 19, 2012

sausage, no egg

Often when I order from Tim Horton’s in the morning, I will try to order a Sausage and Biscuit combo. This comes with a beverage, a hash brown potato thingy and a biscuit with a sausage patty and cheese in the middle. For a reason unknown to me, no matter how clear I make it, no matter if I order EXACTLY from the menu, and explicitly request no egg”, they add egg. This turns the Sausage and Biscuit into a Breakfast Sandwich. They are separate entities.. they are different on the menu.. they have their own separate picture. It drives me insane!

McDonald’s does the same thing with their Sausage McMuffin.. I somehow end up with an Egg McMuffin.

It really ruins a morning when we’re venturing out on a long trip, we stop by a McD’s or Timmie’s, get a coffee to shake out the cobwebs, order a greasy breakfast, get back on the highway and realize I got egg. (I dont like eggs, get over it)

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