February 15, 2003

rubik’s cubing

To explain my last post, it was a placeholder.. or an alias to what I wanted to post but didn’t due to a few reasons (one being chu trop parasseu).

I can complete my Rubik’s cube again.. I had learned how last year, and forgot, but after reviewing the moves for half an hour, the ability is now back in my head. Brought it to work so I could show off, it worked :) Someone in tier 2 brought a few ring puzzles in yesterday and I was obsessed in solving them, one I was able to, the other I wasn’t.. Joker showed me when he arrived in the morning, so simple. That’s probally why I brought in the cube, to partake in the temporary fascination of puzzleness currently permeating the center.

I had problems with my car on Tuesday, it wouldn’t shift. I bent the guiding tube thingy that makes the cable go straight thru to the firewall to the transmission. It was frozen, and I pulled too hard and broke it. The day before I entered the driveway and managed to separate my catalytic converter from the rest of the exhaust system, that was great, my car sounded like a massive single stroke engine. Brought it into Midas and got it all fixed up.. all I need to do now is get a new head and check the valve cover (both are leaking).

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