April 2, 2004


Damn that was a good episode! Wonderfalls is now my favorite show. They better not cancel it. I brought my camera at work, there’s alot of interesting things to see, I’ll see if I can’t take nice pictures. One I’d like to try is a picture of the server room with the lights out.. should be cool with all the LEDs and such. I had a chicken pizziola sub and some Bawls for supper. While I was at Subway, there was a gaggle of goths .. or young caffeine addicted adolecents .. or something. One even had a Toshiba laptop and was listening some kind of heavy song. They all went to Ground Zero Netwroks, I followed them there where I bought my Bawls. I wonder if they have a wireless access point there? If they don’t .. I might just donate one of my routers in exchange for free access.. wouldn’t that be cool.

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ohhh .. haunting I found the theme song to Kingdom Hospital, a song by Ivy called Worry About You, not sure if it’s freaky because the intro to the show is burned in
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torrents kick ass I started downloading The Screen Savers off of suprnova.org.. the only show I missed from when I had a dish. That rhymed. Leo Laport is no longer a