May 1, 2005

remember the guestbook?

Here’s a copy of it for archival purposes.

Nic | url

Thanks! You saved me last night!

2002/12/5 19:36 - Work

Norman the cow

The Leonids are comming! The Leonids are comming!

2002/11/19 02:31


Wow this new site is like a kaleidoscope for your brain.

2002/11/18 23:46 - Rue Dufferin

greener says: -  Thanks Nic :)

Kingpa… I mean Anonymous

Hey Greener! I enjoyed that clancy’s the other night. Let’s do it again sometime.

2002/11/16 10:42


Much better, gotta keep it up though.

2002/10/16 20:03


Ok, is it just me or is it about time Ma Brain gets a new entry?!?

2002/10/4 23:11 - A side order of Steak!

greener says: -  there’s a whole bunch of them now, check it out


NO NUDIE PICS! Unless it’s banana2h.gif

2002/09/28 15:59 - That dressing stuff you get in Newfoundland!

greener says: -  banana2h.gif ROCKS!

TheJoker | @

Riight.. So Like.. What About All The Like.. Stuff.. From The Thing.. Eh.. Yeah.. You Think About That One Looong And Hard…

2002/09/17 10:28 - no

greener says: -  I decided not to post anything about that. Let it be never spoken of again.

Alain | url

Your palm entries struggle. You should post some of the drawings you do on your palm. Those are fun. Or nudie pictures.

2002/09/16 05:32 - Big ass curly fries. And nudie pictures.

greener says: -  They do struggle, I didn’t correct them, that’s how I wrote” them in the palm. If you’re talking about the content.. fuck you.


new colors.. do you like them?

2002/08/22 19:42 - poutine style

GrEaSe | @

What is this guestbook? A place to come and bash people on? Cause I like bashing. Greener is greener than a booger. How you like that eh Greener??? I’m damn good at bashing… �������� lalalalala

2002/06/23 17:48 - Uhhh SURE….and throw in some paté chinois!

Darth Sidious

Judging based on perceptions eh? Sheesh (no spell check) kind of sounds like a pseudo-intellectual cop-out wouldn’t you say loonie?

2002/06/11 20:15

lynie | @

I’m judging based on my perceptions, a-whole. I don’t care if I’m dysfunctional (please start using spell-check!) compared to his family or if it’s vice-versa. All I know is that it’s worth something or else you wouldn’t comment on it.

2002/06/11 08:30 - yes please

Phantom Menace

Loonie sometime i think you are alittle hard on Chris even if his family is disfunctional. Maybe Chris is a product of his environment. Maybe it is you who is disfunctional and chris’s family is normal who are you to judge???

2002/06/10 22:39

lynie | @ | url

You fail English? That’s unpossible. yikes. I guess word travels faster than me, eh? indeed, recently saw itself coming to life but there are still some imperfections to clear up. Kinda like Phantom Menace’s bad acne, so to speak. Me, snarky?! Nevar!!

2002/06/9 05:55 - extra gravy

Phantom Menace

Hey Loonie if i was on crack i would probably like this website but since i’m not Ma brain has got too go!!

2002/06/6 21:41

greener says: -  Some people I work with are so immature.

lynie | @ | url

Phantom Menace– are you on crack?

2002/06/4 06:51 - onion rings please

The Phantom Menace

This is ma brain and this webiste is MA Brain on drugs. Any questions?

2002/06/2 00:48

Alain | @ | url

All the little kids with the crimson lips say: Greener rawks! Greener rawks!

2002/05/27 16:24 - without salt, please

lynie | @ | url

Do you want to be the Daddy, Greener? I could be all like: who’s my daddy? Greener is!” if you’d like.

2002/05/17 04:54 - simmah’d dahn.

me again | @

No more preview screen

2002/05/13 05:18 - poutine style

Greener | @

okay la les enfants, simma da’na’

2002/05/13 05:06 - bottle cap poutin amanchure

lynie | @ | url

I see someone is deconstructing my message down to a t’, or shall I say a g’? it’s all good, you mean well ;)

2002/05/12 04:09 - are my slippers?!?!

popalain | @ | url

Well, its kind of hard to become roadkill in the middle of a forest, far from any road’. But we’ll be careful nonetheless

2002/05/10 03:47 - Monkeytown

lynie | @ | url

well well well, I get special mention in your entry, eh? que je me sens sp�ciale!!! you kids have fun hiking on Monday, m’kay? just don’t become another statistic: roadkill. tootles.

2002/05/9 07:47 - not in my backyard

just me | @

i wanted to be violenT but i had to restraiN for no one around would like iT it would cause too much paiN so it stays deep within mE but i know one day it will comE although forever is a long timE its not nearly long enougH

2002/05/5 22:16

popalain | @ | url

Well, Mr. Anonymous, it actually looks like you made THREE stupid posts :) www.empiretheatres.c om

2002/04/18 22:41 - Moncton

Anomymous! | @

Forget That Last One… It Seems Both Worked… ;)

2002/04/17 23:11 - Here

Anonymous! | @

Oh… And Another Thing… I Made A Stupid Post… And It Didn’t Show Up.

2002/04/17 23:05 - Right Below..

greener says: -  Anonymous… haha.. what a joker

Anonymous | @

Where The Hell Are The Theatre Links? I Used Those Links Religiously… Damnit…

2002/04/17 23:03 - Beneath You!

greener says: -  sorry, I’ll add them again

SaCoHjin | @ | url

Hey Hey!! yes, ton site est pas mal cool! un film que j’avais oublier de te dire cetais The Lord of The Rings ca cetais pas mal un des best que j’ai vue aussi, a par de ceux que je t’ai nomm� alright, keep up the good work

2002/04/11 16:09 - Moncton NB

Alain | @ | url

go in the feedback section now and post something, please’ Okay, sure.

2002/04/10 06:21 - Where in the world..

greener says: -  THANK YOU, everyone, follow this man’s example.

Alain | @ | url

He has a guestbook, he has a guestbook!

2002/04/2 20:23 - … Is Carmen Sandiego?

greener says: -  I do, woo hoo, that rhymes

greener | @ | url

I have a guestbook now, post away!

2002/04/2 20:17 - Moncton NB

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