February 20, 2003

popularity of blogs

p>Blogs are getting very popular, have you noticed? For fun I searched for blog moncton” tons of results came up, some are blogs mentioning Moncton, alot are actually from Moncton.. a couple had been updated today February 21st.. I was amazed! One was from a 15 year old girl! Everybody is blogging, I ask why? Why has this become so popular. I’m still trying to figure that out.

A few things I’ve noticed.. when you have friends.. and you call each-other up, or IM or email or meet or whatever, you always ask So what’s new?” or What’s up?” you want to be up to date with your friends’ lives.. if your friend has a blog.. you read it.. there.. you’re up to date. No point in asking what’s up, it’s all there. So .. are blogs taking away part of an aspect of friendship, or merely replacing the usual Oh nothing much” answer to the standard What’s new?” question? Can’t wait to see where this phenomenon is going.

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bin la steur I posted that last entry before knowing my good friend Nic actually started a blog back in December.. and I didn’t even notice! What friend I am,