February 4, 2004

Pal if I were a salad, I know I’d be splashing my dressing

Time for an update, I’ve been neglecting this place, even if I have plenty of time to update. There isn’t much new, Joker moved in with me .. I’m still single .. I still work at the same place .. I still don’t know anything about the job .. borrrring.

I bought Sopranos season 4, watch it, can’t wait for season 5 to start. Other shows I’m watching:

Smallville Survivor All Stars The Apprentice Enterprise That 70s Show Curb Your Enthusiasm The O.C. (of course, I’m addicted) Friends

I was also watching Carnivale, but thats over, can’t wait for that to start again, wow, what a cliff hanger.

I’m reading Carl Sagan’s The Demon-Haunted World .. awesome book if you embrace science.

Went to Cosmo/Oxygen with Monique Saturday, holy crap we had fun! I talked like I was schoolgirl .. and danced like I was a schoolgirl.

Superbowl night with Nic, Gary and Brad .. and Doris the Keg. Great time, good food, good beer, borg boob.

I bought a Utilikilt, I can’t wait to wear it, I WILL wear it in winter.

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digging the Dancing Queen It’s really early, I’m in bed listening to ABBA. I did nothing tonight, except watch the latest Enterprise episode and Conan. Speaking of TV shows..
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