May 27, 2000

Oof. I had way to

Oof. I had way to much fun tonight, not that that’s a bad thing. I went to Cosmo with Nathalie and her friend Lynn. I met Roger and we went do Doc’s looking for Caro, didn’t find her, very dissapointing. TH reason for going was people from work were there, including Jenn and Jenn.. I danced with Jenn. Wayne gave me a free beer at Doc’s. I think I have an entry on the 27th that I just put.. yeah.. I have the hicups, real bad.

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my palm died for awhile, i don’t know why, but it’s working nevertheless. i’ve got my cordless phone right here ad i’m now goibg to attempt to get
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I bought a Rubik’s cube Friday, I visited Rubik’s official site and got a solution. I successfully solved it in box office earlier this afternoon