April 2, 2004

ohhh .. haunting

I found the theme song to Kingdom Hospital, a song by Ivy called Worry About You, not sure if it’s freaky because the intro to the show is burned in my mind with the song .. or the song is just, a little freaky by its own.. anywho, I like it. I was looking at Cyn’s site, she’s using categories.. I’d love to use categories with MT, but I have no idea how/why to categorize my entries.. they all fit in the same category .. the stupid unstructured, sometimes funny, sometimes boring” type. If you have any ideas, let me know.



That’s my toolbox, bought it back in college. I used the the tools inside to create my Rubik’s Cube variable 15V 0.5A power supply. A picture of it will be up during the weekend.

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rotflmao Damn that was a good episode! Wonderfalls is now my favorite show. They better not cancel it. I brought my camera at work, there’s alot of