April 29, 2004

multi porpoise

Let’s take some time here and talk about cat-5 cable .. I’ve been seeing an interesting trend lately .. alot of stuff it using it. There’s an HDTV signal extender that’s coming out soon that uses it .. there are USB AND Firewire extenders that use the stuff. The new Airport base stations that Apple makes has always used it BUT! they can now be powered by cat-5 .. that’s right, it can also power low power devices .. perfect for wireless access points. I’m thinking you need to dedicate 1 of the pairs to power and may need to hook up the network in power compatible hubs or something.. I dunno, haven’t had time to look it up, but I will eventually.

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look back 5 I was barely alive Today was a good day. I took some “advice” from Lyne, and it’s kinda working. I’m getting my shit together. Or, whatever :) Empire of the Sun,
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The origin or greener Kevin O’Brien is credited as being the first person to call me “greener”. Kevin was my neighbor when I moved to Dieppe in 91’. He was a huge hockey