April 30, 2005

MT 3.16, mysql and all that

I switched the site’s database to mysql, now the pages load dynamically .. w00t .. you won’t notice much.. pages update instantly, so do comments.

Went out last night with buddy Mac, got shit faced. Had the usual Bubba’s slice o’ pizza and poutine .. couldn’t finish the poutine though, too full .. or drunk. Let me explain Bubba’s: it’s like King of Donair was before it closed; great pizza and everyone goes there after the bars.

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all caught up I’ve been downloading TV shows pretty much 24/7 since I’ve been in Kingston; trying to catch up to all the time I missed while in basic. I’m happy
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remember the guestbook? Here’s a copy of it for archival purposes. Nic | url Thanks! You saved me last night! 2002/12/5 19:36 - Work Norman the cow The Leonids are