April 16, 2004


Quite a slacker aren’t I? I skipped another day! I meant to post last night, but I fell asleep during Survivor and only woke up at the end of The Apprentice, then I went to bed.

Nothing much new .. finally I got to watch a new Smallville episode. Hoping to see Kill Bill vol. 2 tonight. I bought Kill Bill vol. 1, Lost in Translation, Two Towers and The Matrix: Revolutions. I was hesitant in buying Kill Bill vol. 1 knowing they’re going to release a special edition. Meh.

Proteus is out .. not that great. Still needs time to cook.

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extended vacation I start my “extended vacation” June 11th. I got laid off. I saw it coming a mile away, not surprised. Soooo.. Ned, that means we’re going to
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rondomininini einini poof This is a great article. Good point and observations, some I’ve seen myself.