March 5, 2003

Mamma Mia

I’m still iBookless, brought it in last morning. So I watched half of the new Animatrix.. then my iBook froze.. I’ll have to watch it somewhere else or wait.

I purchased an Afterburner kit for my GameBoy Advance. It adds a backlight, which doesn’t come standard on a GameBoy Advance. So.. that means i can play Tetris in the dark, yes!!!

Weekend off, I have 7.5 hours left, w00t. Nic’s got something planned for Friday, not quite sure what yet, but I’m in!

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iBook is pooched Yup, when I touch my beloved computer, the screen freezes, goes black, or other various nasty things. I’m going to have to bring it in for repairs.
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sans chemise, sans pantalons-lon-lon-lon Hey.. se’t’entry icitte va etre entierly en chiac.. a cause? just because… e’j feel comme. So.. Nic m’enwaille in n’email pour me’d’me’demander si